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XML A generalized ABFT technique using a fault tolerant neural network
A. Moosavienia *, K. Mohammadi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Subspace system identification
J. Poshtan *, H. Mojallali
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Implementation of an adaptive burst DQPSK receiver over shallow water acoustic channel
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A new fuzzy-based maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic applications
M. A. S. Masoum *, M. Sarvi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Altitude measurement using laser beam reflected from water surface
Sh. Mohammad Nejad *, M. H. Haji Mirsaeidi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Reduced order model for doubly output induction generator in wind park using integral manifold theory
M. Kalantar *, M. Sedighizadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
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