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XML A Triangular Wilkinson Power Divider with Spaced Output Ports
M. Khalaj-Amirhosseini *, M. Moghavvemi, A. Attaran
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Mixture of Experts for Persian handwritten word recognition
R. Ebrahimpour *, S. Sarhangi, F. Sharifizadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Estimation and Calibration of Robot Link Parameters with Intelligent Techniques
M. Barati, A. R. Khoogar, M. Nasirian *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML A Novel Very High Performance CMOS Current Mirror with extremely low input and ultra high output resistance
H. Faraji Baghtash, S. J. Azhari *, Kh. Monfaredi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Inner Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Optimization for HEV Traction Drive Application in Order to Achieve Maximum Torque per Ampere
J. Soleimani, A. Vahedi *, S. M Mirimani
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Different Methods of Long-Term Electric Load Demand Forecasting a Comprehensive Review
L. Ghods, M. Kalantar *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Analysis of Magnetic Flux Linkage Distribution in Salient-Pole Synchronous Generator with Different Kinds of Inter-Turn Winding Faults
H. Yaghobi, K. Ansari, H. Rajabi Mashhadi *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Fast Voltage and Power Flow Contingency Ranking Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network
D. S. Javan, H. Rajabi Mashhadi *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Impacts of New Suggested Ferroresonance Limiter on the Stability Domain of Ferroresonance Modes in Power Transformers Considering Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Effect
H. Radmanesh, M. Rostami *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Analyzing Capacity Withholding in Oligopoly Electricity Markets Considering Forward Contracts and Demand Elasticity
S. Salarkheili, A. Akbari Foroud *, R. Keypour
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
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