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XML A Triangular Wilkinson Power Divider with Spaced Output Ports
M. Khalaj-Amirhosseini , M. Moghavvemi, A. Attaran
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Mixture of Experts for Persian handwritten word recognition
R. Ebrahimpour , S. Sarhangi, F. Sharifizadeh
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Estimation and Calibration of Robot Link Parameters with Intelligent Techniques
M. Barati, A. R. Khoogar, M. Nasirian
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML A Novel Very High Performance CMOS Current Mirror with extremely low input and ultra high output resistance
H. Faraji Baghtash, S. J. Azhari , Kh. Monfaredi
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Inner Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Optimization for HEV Traction Drive Application in Order to Achieve Maximum Torque per Ampere
J. Soleimani, A. Vahedi , S. M Mirimani
Abstract -   Full text (DOCX)
XML Different Methods of Long-Term Electric Load Demand Forecasting a Comprehensive Review
L. Ghods, M. Kalantar
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Analysis of Magnetic Flux Linkage Distribution in Salient-Pole Synchronous Generator with Different Kinds of Inter-Turn Winding Faults
H. Yaghobi, K. Ansari, H. Rajabi Mashhadi
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Fast Voltage and Power Flow Contingency Ranking Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network
D. S. Javan, H. Rajabi Mashhadi
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Impacts of New Suggested Ferroresonance Limiter on the Stability Domain of Ferroresonance Modes in Power Transformers Considering Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Effect
H. Radmanesh, M. Rostami
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
XML Analyzing Capacity Withholding in Oligopoly Electricity Markets Considering Forward Contracts and Demand Elasticity
S. Salarkheili, A. Akbari Foroud , R. Keypour
Abstract -   Full text (DOC)
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