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XML Two Novel Chaos-Based Algorithms for Image and Video Watermarking
S. Mohammadi, S. Talebi , A. Hakimi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Bilateral Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
A. H. Hadjahmadi , M. M. Homayounpour, S. M. Ahadi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Design of a Photonic Bandgap Fiber with Optimized Parameters to Achieve Ultra-Low Confinement Loss
M. Aliramezani , Sh. Mohammad Nejad
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Cancellation of Series-Loss Resistance in UWB Active Inductors using RC Feedback
M. Rafei, M. R. Mosavi
XML A Comparative Study on Predictive and ISVM Direct Torque Control Methods for a Doubly Fed Induction Machine Fed by an Indirect Matrix Converter
D. Arab Khaburi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Automatic Phase Advancing in a Stand-Alone Switched Reluctance Generator at Different High Speeds for Desired Output Voltage
E. Afjei
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Electricity Procurement for Large Consumers with Second Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints
M. Zarif , M. H. Javidi, M. S. Ghazizadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Strategic Bidding in a Pool-Based Electricity Market under Load Forecast Uncertainty
Sh. Gorgizadeh, A. Akbari Foroud , M. Amirahmadi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML Solving Environmental/Economic Power Dispatch Problem by a Trust Region Based Augmented Lagrangian Method
H. Mohammadian Bishe , A. Rahimi Kian, M. Sayyed Esfahani
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML A Comparison Between Electrical Circuit and Finite Element Modeling Methods for Performance Analysis of a Three-Phase Induction Motor under Voltage Unbalance
A. Ebadi , M. Mirzaie, S. A. Gholamian
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
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