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Different Methods of Long-Term Electric Load Demand Forecasting a Comprehensive Review (11300 Downloads)
Design Modification of Rogowski Coil for Current Measurement in Low Frequency (10134 Downloads)
Performance Modeling of Ring Laser Gyro in Inertial (9901 Downloads)
Error Analysis, Design and Modeling of an Improved Heterodyne Nano-Displacement Interferometer (8878 Downloads)
Dynamic Performance Analysis of Hysteresis Motors by a Linear Time-Varying Model (7844 Downloads)
A New Solution to Analysis of CMOS Ring Oscillators (7272 Downloads)
A Low-Voltage, Low-Power, Two-Stage Amplifier for Switched-Capacitor Applications in 90 nm CMOS Process (6463 Downloads)
Improving Voltage Stability Margin Using Voltage Profile and Sensitivity Analysis by Neural Network (6198 Downloads)
Reliability Model of Power Transformer with ONAN Cooling (5844 Downloads)
Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Using VHDL-AMS (5773 Downloads)
Improvement of DC Optimal Power Flow Problem Based on Nodal Approximation of Transmission Losses (5771 Downloads)
An Optimal Design Approach for Resistive and Inductive Superconducting Fault Current Limiters via MCDM Techniques (5731 Downloads)
Multilevel PWM Waveform Decomposition and Phase-Shifted Carrier Technique (5426 Downloads)
Low-Power Adder Design for Nano-Scale CMOS (5061 Downloads)
Very Fast Field Oriented Control for Permanent Magnet Hysteresis Synchronous Motor (5012 Downloads)
Least Squares Techniques for GPS Receivers Positioning Filter using Pseudo-range and Carrier Phase Measurements (4997 Downloads)
Design and Simulation of a New DC Power Supply Based on Dual Bridge Matrix Converter (4883 Downloads)
Analysis of Magnetic Flux Linkage Distribution in Salient-Pole Synchronous Generator with Different Kinds of Inter-Turn Winding Faults (4849 Downloads)
Fault Type Estimation in Power Systems (4721 Downloads)
A Modified Proportional Navigation Guidance for Accurate Target Hitting (4685 Downloads)
Contourlet-Based Edge Extraction for Image Registration (4565 Downloads)
Image Restoration with Two-Dimensional Adaptive Filter Algorithms (4425 Downloads)
Sensorless Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Using the Binary Observer with Online Flux-Linkage Estimation (4245 Downloads)
Effects of Disc Insulator Type and Corona Ring on Electric Field and Voltage Distribution over 230-kV Insulator String by Numerical Method (4244 Downloads)
A New Fast and Efficient HMM-Based Face Recognition System Using a 7-State HMM Along With SVD Coefficients (4171 Downloads)
Determination of Electric Field at Inception Based upon Current-Voltage Characteristics of AC Corona in Rod-Plane Gaps (4168 Downloads)
A new fuzzy-based maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic applications (4168 Downloads)
Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Sliding Mode Control for Photovoltaic Array (4076 Downloads)
Impedance bandwidth optimization of double slots circular patch antenna using genetic algorithm and the Interface Fuzzy Logic (4069 Downloads)
A New ZVZCS Isolated Dual Series Resonant DC-DC Converter with EMC Considerations (4034 Downloads)
A Simple Analytic Method to Model and Detect Non-Uniform Air-Gaps in Synchronous Generators (3975 Downloads)
Pole Shape Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Using the Reduced Basis Technique (3957 Downloads)
Application of Fuzzy and ABC Algorithm for DG Placement for Minimum Loss in Radial Distribution System (3822 Downloads)
Performance of the Wavelet Transform-Neural Network Based Receiver for DPIM in Diffuse Indoor Optical Wireless Links in Presence of Artificial Light Interference (3735 Downloads)
Subspace system identification (3731 Downloads)
Infrared Counter-Countermeasure Efficient Techniques using Neural Network, Fuzzy System and Kalman Filter (3706 Downloads)
A Novel Method for Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction of Four-Switch, Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Drive (3633 Downloads)
Control of Series Resonant Converter with Robust Performance Against Load and Power Circuit Components Uncertainties (3577 Downloads)
Direct Torque Control of 5-Phase 10/8 Switched Reluctance Motors (3545 Downloads)
Dual Z-Source Network Dual-Input Dual-Output Inverter (3533 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Gender and Age Classification in Speech Signals (3491 Downloads)
Altitude measurement using laser beam reflected from water surface (3463 Downloads)
A comprehensive model using modified Zeeman model for generating ECG signals (3460 Downloads)
A New Switched Reluctance Motor Design to Reduce Torque Ripple using Finite Element Fuzzy Optimization (3424 Downloads)
Broadband Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna for L-Band Operation: FDTD Modeling (3378 Downloads)
An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Network Vulnerability Analysis (3316 Downloads)
Computer Network Time Synchronization using a Low Cost GPS Engine (3283 Downloads)
Inner Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Optimization for HEV Traction Drive Application in Order to Achieve Maximum Torque per Ampere (3270 Downloads)
Parameter Identification of a Brushless Resolver Using Charge Response of Stator Current (3194 Downloads)
Modeling the Frequency Response Movements in Power Transformers for Predicting Purposes (3162 Downloads)
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