Volume 17, Issue 1 (March 2021)  

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  • A noise reduction method in CT images has been proposed. Its algorithm performs a local noise assessment by means of separate reconstructions of two non-intersecting subsets of the set of projections of a given image.
  • Shearlet systems have been opted in order to obtain such statistical assessment because of their highly directional presentation together with optimal sparse approximations of anisotropic information and rapid numerical realization.
  • The change rate criterion for the Shannon entropy is used to determine the soft threshold mask for processing the high-frequency coefficients of the averaged image obtained from the two input reconstructions.
  • The comparison between the proposed method and the techniques using certain threshold constants shows the advantage of the former in terms of both quantitative measures and visualization quality.

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  • Investigating the effect of Miniaturized Inertia Generator (MIG) geometric parameters on the efficiency and energy.
  • Design optimization using response surface methodology (RSM).
  • A survey and depiction of the relationship between the maximum produced voltage and magnetic flux.
  • Designing a shear plate as a safety mechanism for MIG activation under the specific acceleration.
  • Studying the effect of initial acceleration on the produced quantities such as voltage, power, and energy.

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  • The paper offers a new point of view to this subject by an analytical method based on the field analysis.
  • The paper presents new analytical expressions to approximate the airgap flux density and the torque of induction motor under voltage fluctuation conditions.
  • The analytical approach gives insight into the stator, rotor, and airgap field distributions, slot and MMF space harmonics, torque components of induction motors under voltage fluctuation conditions.

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  • The industrial process consumes quite a huge amount of energy.
  • The cost of energy consumption is closely behind the cost of raw materials in the determination of the cost of production.
  • The use of programmable logic controller ladder diagram with the Fuzzy logic controller is successfully implemented to effect energy saving in the process industry.
  • There is a noticeable and significant improvement in energy and cost saving with the implementation of the approach

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  • The impedance trajectory and interferes with the OOS relay in the presence of STATCOM.
  • Online estimation of Thevenin equivalent based on time-variant system identification through recursive least square.
  • Proposed a modified approach based on Thevenin equivalent to correct the impedance deviation caused by the STATCOM.

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  • A Markov model is proposed for the impact of human error modeling on failure rate of the protection system.
  • The optimum time interval of routine test of protection system is determined.
  • The proposed Markov model is applied to the protection system of power transformers.
  • Results show that the human error rate has a significant impact on the increase of failure rate and decrease of the optimum time interval of routine test of the protection system.

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  • Introducing multi-robot simultaneous localization and mapping (MR-SLAM) system is implemented within a dynamic environment.
  • Using a probabilistic approach based on EKF is proposed to detect moving landmarks and consequently improve the performance of SLAM in dynamic environments.
  • Introducing the expected landmark area (ELA).

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  • Single BU replaces Series of processing elements in the pipeline architecture of the FFT processor.
  • The design has less area consumption.
  • Suitable for DIF as well as DIT computation.
  • Small independent computation.

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