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XML Using a VIA-Less CRLH Transmission Line to Design Compact Wilkinson Power Dividers and Rat-Race Couplers
H. Rahmanian, S. H Sedighy , M. Khalaj Amirhosseini
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML A Novel DOA Estimation Approach for Unknown Coherent Source Groups with Coherent Signals
Sh. Shirvani Moghaddam , Z. Ebadi, V. Tabataba Vakili
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Design of Endlessly Single Mode Photonic Crystal Fibers with Desirable Properties using HC-EDA Algorithm
M. Pourmahyabadi
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML The Optimal Steering Control System using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm on Vehicles with Steer-by-Wire System
F. Hunaini , I. Robandi, I. N. Sutantra
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Stability Analysis of a Matrix Converter Drive: Effects of Input Filter Type and the Voltage Fed to the Modulation Algorithm
M. Hosseini Abardeh, R. Ghazi
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Nonlinear Model of Tape Wound Core Transformers
A. Vahedi , A. Baktash
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Design of a Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator for a 2 MW Gearless Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine According to its Capability Curves
A. Darijani, A. Kiyoumarsi , H. A. Lari, B. Mirzaeian Dehkordi, Sh. Bekhrad, S. Rahimi Monjezi
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Effects of Interruptible Load on Decision Making of a Distribution Company in Competitive Environments
H. Rajabi mashhadi , H. Safari Farmad
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Frequency Estimation of Unbalanced Three-Phase Power System using a New LMS Algorithm
H. Zayyani , M. Dehghan
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Leakage Current Analysis of Polymer and Porcelain Housed Metal Oxide Surge Arresters in Humid Ambient Conditions
K. Mokhtari, M. Mirzaie , M. Shahabi
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
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