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Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Using VHDL-AMS (14618 Views)
A Systems Approach to Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Design for Utility Management Automation Systems (13789 Views)
Macroscopic Visualization of the Heart Electrical Activity Via an Algebraic Computer Model (13745 Views)
Detection and Classification of Heart Premature Contractions via α-Level Binary Neyman-Pearson Radius Test: A Comparative Study (13195 Views)
Design Modification of Rogowski Coil for Current Measurement in Low Frequency (13089 Views)
Dynamic Performance Analysis of Hysteresis Motors by a Linear Time-Varying Model (12967 Views)
Discrimination of the Heart Ventricular and Atrial Abnormalities via a Wavelet-Aided Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Classifier (12934 Views)
Least Squares Techniques for GPS Receivers Positioning Filter using Pseudo-range and Carrier Phase Measurements (12340 Views)
Throughput Improvement of STS-Based MC DS-CDMA System with Variable Spreading Factor (12012 Views)
Fuzzy Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems (11999 Views)
Very Fast Field Oriented Control for Permanent Magnet Hysteresis Synchronous Motor (11980 Views)
Performance Modeling of Ring Laser Gyro in Inertial (11885 Views)
Modeling the Frequency Response Movements in Power Transformers for Predicting Purposes (11661 Views)
A Novel Technique for Steganography Method Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Optimization in Spatial Domain (11565 Views)
A Comparative Study of Gender and Age Classification in Speech Signals (11449 Views)
Impedance bandwidth optimization of double slots circular patch antenna using genetic algorithm and the Interface Fuzzy Logic (11051 Views)
Distribution Network Expansion Using Hybrid SA/TS Algorithm (10986 Views)
A generalized ABFT technique using a fault tolerant neural network (10858 Views)
Analyzing the Propagation Behavior of a Gaussian Laser Beam through Seawater and Comparing with Atmosphere (10553 Views)
An Improved Fuzzy Neural Network for Solving Uncertainty in Pattern Classification and Identification (10513 Views)
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FACTS Devices Allocation to Congestion Alleviation Incorporating Voltage Dependence of Loads (10425 Views)
Fault Type Estimation in Power Systems (10365 Views)
Stochastic Congestion Management Considering Power System Uncertainties (10362 Views)
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Long-Term Peak Demand Forecasting by Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks (10292 Views)
Signal Identification Using a New High Efficient Technique (10229 Views)
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Impact of Participants’ Market Power and Transmission Constraints on GenCos’ Nash Equilibrium Point (10194 Views)
Intelligent and Robust Genetic Algorithm Based Classifier (10193 Views)
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Improving Data Grids Performance by Using Modified Dynamic Hierarchical Replication Strategy (10024 Views)
A New Fast and Efficient HMM-Based Face Recognition System Using a 7-State HMM Along With SVD Coefficients (9994 Views)
Integrated fuzzy guidance law for high maneuvering targets based on proportional navigation guidance (9934 Views)
A Probabilistic Approach to Transmission Expansion Planning in Deregulated Power Systems under Uncertainties (9856 Views)
A New Hunting Control Method for Permanent Magnet Hysteresis Motors (9502 Views)
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