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The advancement in the integrated circuit design has developed the demand for low voltage portable analog devices in the market. This demand has increased the requirement of the low-power RF transceiver. A low-power phase lock loop (PLL) is always desirable to fulfill the need for a low power RF transceiver. This paper deals with the designing of the low power transconductance- capacitance (Gm-C) based loop filter with the help of the gate-driven quasi bloating Bulk (GD-QFB) MOS technique. The GD-QFB MOS based operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) has proposed with a high dc gain of 82.41 dB and less power consumption of 188.72 µW. Further, Gm-C based active filter has designed with the help of proposed GD-QFB OTA. The simulation results of Gm-C filter attain -3 dB cut off frequency of 59.08 MHz and power consumption of 188.31µW at the supply voltage of 1V. The proposed Gm-C filter is suitable for the designing of 1-3 GHz low power PLL.
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  • The Major contribution of the work includes the design of GD-QFB OTA and its uses in GD-QFB MOS based Gm-C filter. GD-QFB MOS technique is a good low power design technique.
  • In this paper, GD-QFB MOS differential input two-stage OTA has been presented. The simulation results show the significant improvement in DC gain, CMRR, and reduction in the power consumption of OTA.
  • Further, the proposed OTA is used in the design of the tunable Gm-C filter for low power PLL applications in the range of 1-3 GHz.

Type of Study: Research Paper | Subject: Analog Circuits
Received: 2020/05/02 | Revised: 2020/07/05 | Accepted: 2020/07/06

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