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Abstract (893 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (292 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A new application of LA for MOO in the optimal design of CMOS analog IC.
  • Proper definition of design parameters and objective functions to create an effective trade-off between performance characteristics.
  • Implementation of an automated design simulation tool by creating a link between two usable software environments.
  • Providing a comprehensive criterion to evaluate the proposed approach due to the simultaneous effect of objectives and design specifications on the optimization problem.
  • The statistical evaluation of the proposed approach based on numerical results obtained from circuit simulations with other competing algorithms.

Abstract (412 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (125 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A novel method is proposed for clustering of GPS GDOP.
  • The TDNN model is applied in the approximation of GPS GDOP.
  • Best subset and optimal group of satellite are chosen for positioning.
  • Actual navigation setup is used to testify the accuracy of the proposed method.

Abstract (1259 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (160 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • To develop a multi-physics simulation model for multi-layer switched reluctance motor
  • To propose a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation model for this motor
  • To introduce thermal and noise models based on 3D finite element method for this motor    
  • To present a parametric simulation model useful for doing an accurate analysis    

Abstract (434 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (142 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A novel non-communication-based intelligent islanding detection scheme is proposed which is based on an effective simple digital filter being robust to the environmental noises.
  • In the proposed algorithm, the points of the signal (such as voltage, active power, etc.) with an irregularity are highlighted and, then be used for islanding detection.
  • To improve the performance of the proposed scheme, the separability index has been used to select the most valuable features.
  • The proposed scheme is capable of islanding detection in synchronous-based distributed generation systems in situations with the least exchanged power between the DG resources and the distribution system.

Abstract (344 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (127 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Introducing a new modified particle filter.
  • Using an adaptive unscented Kalman filter (AUKF) filter to generate the proposal distribution.
  • Online tuning the covariance of the measurement and process of the state by predicted residual as adaptive factor based on a covariance matching technique.
  • Using the genetic operators based strategy to further improve the particle diversity.

Abstract (356 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (93 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • To model pseudo measurements using multilayer perceptron artificial neural network
  • To implement radial basis function neural network in error modeling.
  • To optimize RBF neural network by the imperialist competitive algorithm.

Abstract (212 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (169 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Investigating the effect of Miniaturized Inertia Generator (MIG) geometric parameters on the efficiency and energy.
  • Design optimization using response surface methodology (RSM).
  • A survey and depiction of the relationship between the maximum produced voltage and magnetic flux.
  • Designing a shear plate as a safety mechanism for MIG activation under the specific acceleration.
  • Studying the effect of initial acceleration on the produced quantities such as voltage, power, and energy.

Abstract (199 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (74 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Proposing a stochastic model for MG operation with couples DFR, and optimal planning of DGs.
  • Formulating the optimization problem as a MOP considering four goals that are minimization of the operational cost, minimization of the active power loss, maximization of VSI, and minimization of emissions.
  • Using the copula-based method for modeling the stochastic pattern of wind speed, solar irradiance, and electrical demand.
  • Using a stochastic optimization based on the IMOPSO algorithm.
  • Using a fuzzy technique to select the best-compromised solution among the Pareto front solutions.

Abstract (114 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (27 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Introducing multi-robot simultaneous localization and mapping (MR-SLAM) system is implemented within a dynamic environment.
  • Using a probabilistic approach based on EKF is proposed to detect moving landmarks and consequently improve the performance of SLAM in dynamic environments.
  • Introducing the expected landmark area (ELA).

Abstract (144 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (41 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • The backstepping technique combines the notion of Control Lyapunov Function (CLF) with a recursive design procedure. This overcomes the dimension obstacle and exploits design flexibility in the scalar case to solve control problems for higher-order systems.
  • In backstepping design, no constraint is imposed on the nonlinear characteristic of the system.
  • The effectiveness of the backstepping technique is manifest in the presence of parametric uncertainties of the system.

Abstract (145 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (24 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • For the transient voltage stability of DFIG, a new controller-based strategy is proposed.
  • In the proposed strategy, active and reactive power reference values are changed.
  • Modified Transient voltage control using the VDI index is used to change references.
  • PI parameters of DFIG are optimally tuned using the imperialist competitive algorithm.

Abstract (46 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (7 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • The impedance trajectory and interferes with the OOS relay in the presence of STATCOM.
  • Online estimation of Thevenin equivalent based on time-variant system identification through recursive least square.
  • Proposed a modified approach based on Thevenin equivalent to correct the impedance deviation caused by the STATCOM.

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