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  • A novel method is proposed for clustering of GPS GDOP.
  • The TDNN model is applied in the approximation of GPS GDOP.
  • Best subset and optimal group of satellite are chosen for positioning.
  • Actual navigation setup is used to testify the accuracy of the proposed method.

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  • To develop a multi-physics simulation model for multi-layer switched reluctance motor
  • To propose a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation model for this motor
  • To introduce thermal and noise models based on 3D finite element method for this motor    
  • To present a parametric simulation model useful for doing an accurate analysis    

Abstract (207 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (94 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A novel non-communication-based intelligent islanding detection scheme is proposed which is based on an effective simple digital filter being robust to the environmental noises.
  • In the proposed algorithm, the points of the signal (such as voltage, active power, etc.) with an irregularity are highlighted and, then be used for islanding detection.
  • To improve the performance of the proposed scheme, the separability index has been used to select the most valuable features.
  • The proposed scheme is capable of islanding detection in synchronous-based distributed generation systems in situations with the least exchanged power between the DG resources and the distribution system.

Abstract (77 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (32 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Speed estimation based on a new approach to the MRAS technique.
  • Online adjustment of the parameters of the adaptation mechanism of Estimator (MRAS).
  • Online identification of rotor resistance.

Abstract (122 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (50 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • In this paper, a new structure for cascade multilevel inverter is presented.
  • For the proposed cascade topology, two algorithms are presented to produce all possible levels at the output voltage waveform.
  • The required analysis of the voltage rating on the switches is provided.
  • The proposed 15-level inverter is compared with the other presented inverters in literature in terms of the number of dc voltage sources, switches, drivers, and blocked voltage by switches.
  • To verify the performance of the proposed inverter, the experimental results for a 15-level inverter are provided.

Abstract (211 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (65 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • High voltage conversion ratio with high efficiency 
  • Lower peak voltage through the semiconductors can be achieved by selecting an appropriate value of the turn’s ratio of the coupled inductor 
  • Less number of active and passive elements such as inductors and semiconductors. 
  • Low size, volume, and cost.

Abstract (135 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (68 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Introducing a new modified particle filter.
  • Using an adaptive unscented Kalman filter (AUKF) filter to generate the proposal distribution.
  • Online tuning the covariance of the measurement and process of the state by predicted residual as adaptive factor based on a covariance matching technique.
  • Using the genetic operators based strategy to further improve the particle diversity.

Abstract (73 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (44 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A generic approach is presented for the estimation of conduction and dead-time voltage drops in multilevel asymmetric CHB converters.
  • It is shown that, unlike the conventional CHB converters which use the phase-shifted PWM, the aforementioned voltage drops are to be computed in a different manner in level-shifted PWM.
  • The output impedance of the generic ACHB is also computed.

Abstract (97 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (26 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • To model pseudo measurements using multilayer perceptron artificial neural network
  • To implement radial basis function neural network in error modeling.
  • To optimize RBF neural network by the imperialist competitive algorithm.

Abstract (31 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (12 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A new method of field weakening control for the axial flux-switching permanent-magnet motor is proposed.
  • This method can make the motor run in the deep weak magnetic field, so that the motor can run at a higher speed.
  • Linearized the MTPV curve, and simplified the calculation are the specific feature of this method.
  • This control strategy has a very important reference value for the research of the field-weakening control strategy of the permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system.
  • Semi-physical simulation experiment based on dSPACE is done, which effectively verifies the correctness of the proposed method.

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