Volume 17, Issue 4 (December 2021)  

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  • A method for optimal allocation of FCLs to restrain the SCCs under permissible value;
  • A computational process without the need to use optimization algorithms;
  • Introducing an index, for determining the best location of FCL.

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  • A conceptual study on switching intervals in classic direct torque control (DTC);
  • The fixed boundaries and length of switching intervals in classic DTC have been challenged;
  • It proved that the performance of classic DTC can be improved with modified intervals with different length and boundaries;
  • Final proposed switching table benefits simplicity of implementation as classic DTC switching table;
  • Performance improvement of DTC method in aspect of low torque ripples.

Abstract (3049 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (1277 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • A coordinated control for LFC and SMES systems;
  • Design of a new controller in robust control;
  • Improving the frequency stability of the power system in the presence of wind turbines;
  • To prevent excessive power generation in conventional generators during load disturbances, and to reduce power fluctuations from wind power plants.

Abstract (2227 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (1002 Downloads)   |   Highlights
Authentic fault location scheme for shunt-compensated transmission lines;
The terminal data of shunt compensator does not utilize;
Does not require the shunt compensator model;
Accurate identifying of the fault location under different fault conditions.

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  • Integrating batteries with other storage devices to form a hybrid energy storage system (HESS);
  • Ultra-capacitors own interesting features, including high-power density, high efficiency, fast charge, and wide operational range;
  • The HESS and battery system integration is capable of utilizing all advantages of both devices;
  • The use of a variable DC bus voltage improves the system efficiency by boosting the bus voltage;
  • A motor drive system is composed of a three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) and a motor.

Abstract (2081 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (1027 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Proposing a novel architecture for a waste management system by integrating LoRa and ESP 8266 Wi-Fi modem;
  • The LoRa embedded sensors are deployed in the garbage bin which initiates the functioning of the architecture;
  • The proposed architecture will enhance the present waste management through LoRa (Long Range).

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  • In this paper a novel design is presented for a dual-band LC oscillator, using an analytical approach.
  • The proposed design increases the oscillation amplitude in the same power consumption that leads to the decrement of phase noise.
  • The symmetrical structure is another advantage of the presented design that makes it possible to be used in multiphase oscillator.
  • In this work, the proposed technique can compensate the parasitic elements of real switches that increase phase noise.

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  • A load management method is proposed that can lead to more suitable voltage regulation and will maintain the current sharing among DGUs;
  • The proposed method can improve the voltage regulation, reduce the power losses in the network, and increasing the efficiency of the microgrid;
  • A different measure (fmax-min) to consider the voltage regulation in DC microgrids is proposed;
  • A complete model for RLC filter considered;
  • Consumption node voltages are considered as well as DGUs node voltages;
  • The proposed method is designed such that the average price does not change for customers.

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  • UWB antennas are needed in GPR systems for the inspection of sub-surfaces if different penetration depths are needed;
  • The impedance bandwidth of an antenna can be enlarged by adjusting and optimizing neatly the shape and the dimensions of the ground plane and of the patch;
  • In a GPR test, placing the studied surface in contact with the antenna signifies that the antenna and the studied surface are considered as the same device;
  • In a GPR test, having a good adaptation in the working band with the device antenna and the studied surface signifies that most of the energy attributed to the antenna are transmitted;
  • An antenna can be a good candidate for GPR applications if it still working with its stated specifications through the studied surface.

Abstract (1843 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (975 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • Proposing a new axial magnetic gear (AMG) with reduced cogging torque;
  • Not only increase in torque density but also decrease of cogging torque;
  • Appropriate choice of main dimensions and direction of some permanent magnets of high-speed rotor;
  • Employment of precise three-dimensional (3D) finite element analyses to obtain the cogging torque and torque density.

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