Volume 19, Issue 1 (March 2023)  

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  • A new hybrid search method consists of a heuristic search algorithm (PSO) and an iterative search method (Gauss-Newton);
  • A new concept for reducing the search region of the PSO algorithm, to decrease the complexity and energy consumption.

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  • Two encoder architectures called MSB reference, Fourth and Fifth bit ANDing (FFA) are developed to improve the power efficiency.
  • Gray codes are employed to avoid multiple bit transition problems as well as synchronization problems when the values are passing from one clock domain to another.
  • A Novel Multiply-Accumulate unit (MAC) is proposed by integrating these encoder blocks to achieve low power consumption.
  • The proposed MAC unit bus encoder architecture is applied on 2D Gaussian blurring technique and the results are validated in the MATLAB platform.

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